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A Free Song

Oracle to Yiur World   Submit   A free bird practicing to sing his song.
This is also my diary, in which reblog pics and add my thoughts, inspired poetry, feelings, observations, et cetera.

Here I share:
^My words, my songs, my inspirations.
^Tunes and melodies, symbolisms, pronoia.
^Independence, detachment, interconnectedness.
^The Divinity Within, the Energetic Influence Without, and the Balance of Awareness and Consciousness Now.


Hidden Human History HD Revised & Upgraded Version by ExomatrixTV April 2012 (by infopowerment)

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So I sometimes thought that there really must be something wrong with me.

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Project Camelot interviews David Wilcock - Part 2 of 4 (by jagbodhi)

i like this prediction

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Daily Pagan News: Full-spectrum spirituality (Ashland Daily Tidings) →


During the dark days of winter many of us suffer from the lack of sunlight. We feel the damaging impact of artificial light that lacks the full spectrum of natural light. This limited range impacts our health, emotions and mental outlook negatively.

Similarly the lack of full-spectrum…

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"No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell."
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when i meditate, my mind becomes a channel
i let my heart listen, as my mind interprets
visions, lessons, feeling 

from this day’s afternoon review of the day
1. heart/4th density beings’ solace from exploitation/victimization
2. true “being of service to others” is by request only
3. tantra sex with the energies of thee wizened with age
4. share my story of life with everyone, pay special attention to those who listen

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